Saturday, December 13, 2008


To be successful in the investment is not based on your return, or how much money you make, instead, it is based on your own system. The amount of money you make is your result, while the system is your tool. If you have a right tool, you can make a very good return. From this point of view, the tool is worth much more than the money itself. For the past a few years, I have tried to figure out a system that can consistently beat the market. Therefore, in my mind, how good is my investment is based on how good I have followed my system.

The proposed approach here is to find a system, apply it in the real market and validate whether the system works or not, and then to figure out the problem of the system and improve it, and then try the new improved system again. This process won't be ended until you have achived a good return.

The goal is to discover a system that can beat market consistently, in bull market, in bear market, in depressed market. This document is intended to outline my current investment system so far. Moving forward, it is for sure that the system will be changed and improved. Someday in the future, I know that my system works, at least for me.

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