Saturday, December 13, 2008


Jesse Livermore

World greatest trader and speculator, whose approach is described in the book “Reminiscences of a stock operator”, His approach is “Be right” in general market trend, and “Sit tight” to collect big profit. Day trading is definitely not his style. He is my mentor, as I want to become a speculator.

John Templeton

Market guru, trade at maximum pessimism. He is the topic value hunter, spotted on Japan market in early 60s, shorted NSDQ market. He is my mentor, as I like his flexible approach to be long and short market.

Jim Rogers

Market guru, succeed in 1970s and correctly anticipated current commodity boom. His approach is to ride the big economic cycle. He doesn’t believe in technical analysis and trading. He is my mentor, as I like his approach to ride market cycle.

Robert Shiller

Economist successfully predicted the market and real estate bubble. In which he argued by historical data rather than by his opinion. He is my mentor, as he is first professional that combines economic theory and real world.

Mark Faber

Another market guru, successfully anticipated market crisis in 1987, focuses on very big market picture. He is my mentor, as I like his approach to look at big picture.

Warren Buffet

World greatest value investor, buying great businesses for considerably less that what he thinks they are worth and owning them “forever’. It is impossible for me to find such business and to have such an extreme patience. He is NOT a mentor for me.

Gorge Soros

World greatest currency speculator, he is famously for making huge, leveraged trades in the currency and future market. I don’t have such a guts, or can’t take such pressure. He is NOT a mentor for me.


A most used approach in the fund management based on diversification. It is very good to normal investor to have market return. It is impossible to beat market consistently. I don’t like this approach, as I want to beat market.

Trend followers

Wide range of traders that mainly follow the technical analysis to beat market. I don’t like it, as I don’t believe in technical analysis.

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